MJ ࠼ MinJung Kim
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People Products Facebook

A live project for the billion+ users to build an inclusive culture by adding a special #hashtag with gratitude.

Facebook Inc. in Menlo Park, CA


Apple Inc. X LINE UX TF

Integrating SiriKit into LINE messenger app for WWDC 2016 presentation.

I was selected as a UI Designer to participate an onsite lab session integrating the pre-release SiriKit into LINE. I've learned how to access the app's core functionality via SiriKit, and customize the voice user interface to make it more recognizable. With deepened understanding of conversational methods, I am eager to expand my toolbox to allow humans to speak to devices, not just tap on them.

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LINE Platform Team

Creating Looks Like Feels Like (LLFL) emerging prototypes on LINE with clear design decisions and finished simulations.

Thinking responsibly about a way of connecting people was extremely exciting in LINE UX TF team. We released the first Group Call up to 200 people can join simultaneously, which brought a 130% usage growth. Using this, users can make video calls anywhere in the world for free.

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MFA Thesis Project

Today, only 12% of engineers in the U.S. are women. Young women have interests in engineering, but they easily lose it due to the lack of role models, and feel demoralized from gender stereotypes. How might we help them to pursue engineering careers?

hello,w connects young women with resources and female engineers to make a change together. It brings the engineering related AR games to teach programming principles. Young women can have video chat experiences with mentors to learn, get inspired, and better define their paths beyond gender biases. Engineering is for everyone!

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